Career Tips

AI, HR & Future opportunities (for HR)

Shankar Srinivasan, Chief Moderator, GotoGulf

Jobs and opportunity in HR in the near future.

Posted on 26-Aug-2020

Be Great!

Shankar Srinivasan, Chief Moderator, GotoGulf

Before applying for a senior position in an organisation, see how well you fit in with this simple self assessment.

Posted on 21-Aug-2020

Work from home dilemma (For Employers)

Shankar Srinivasan, Moderator, GotoGulf

Leave your problems at home while you come to work is no longer a valid option when you work from home. It will be a de-motivating factor & affect productivity.

Posted on 02-Jul-2020

Types of Resume

Shankar Srinivasan, Moderator, GotoGulf

This article highlights the types of Resume people use based on their industry, education and experience.

Posted on 01-Jul-2020

Writing a Professional Resume

Santhoshkumar, Senior Creative Designer / Content Writer, GotoGulf

Candidates looking to attract the attention of recruiters to land the right job which suits your profile by writing professional resume,..

Posted on 25-Apr-2019

Difference between Resume, CV and Bio Data

Shankar Srinivasan, Chief Moderator, GotoGulf

Though commonly considered as the same, Resume, CV and Bio data are different.

Posted on 04-Oct-2018

Interview isn't a race that you have to win

Shankar Srinivasan, Chief Moderator, GotoGulf

Getting through an Interview is not everything. Getting through the right interview is!

Posted on 09-Aug-2018

Jobs will Search you!

Shankar Srinivasan, CEO, 24x7 Software Technologies

With the internet technology advancing, you no longer have to do the Job hunt. In fact the Job will hunt for you! Yes you got it right. Today you can have all the Jobs to want to know about reach you.

Posted on 15-Dec-2010